i’m Sofia Lee (or “Sofi”), a Seattle-based visual artist + GIF journalist. cameras are my tool of choice, whether i’m making stills or GIFs. i am intensely fascinated by consumer culture, the perception of time, + the way electronics shape our lives. a significant portion of my work (both commercial + personal) is produced w/ early 2000s digital consumer cameras.

i currently run a weekly column of GIFs at Seattle Weekly. as a freelancer, my clients have included Van Der Pop, Marigold & Mint Botanicals, CMRTYZ, C.C. Filson, + Vulcan. my images have appeared in The Stranger, The Weekly Volcano, City Arts Magazine, KIRO 7 + VICE. they have also served as visuals for Q Nightclub, Fred Wildlife Refuge, Common Area Maintenance + been on display in a one-day show, called “GIF Interaction Fest”, with fellow GIF artists at Gallery 1412. i have also exhibited work at Cairo + Wormhole Visuals.

i am part of a budding NW GIF collective known as funGIForm.

i am a member of TUF.